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The Comprehensive Range of Brass Screws at Suraj Brass Industries


When it comes to securing components with precision and elegance, brass screws stand out for their strength and aesthetic appeal. Suraj Brass Industries takes pride in manufacturing an extensive range of brass screws, catering to a variety of industrial and decorative applications. From the durability of brass machine screws to the decorative charm of brass thumb screws, our collection ensures that every requirement is met with unparalleled quality.

Range of Brass Screws at Suraj Brass Industries

Brass Machine Screws: The Industrial Choice

Our brass machine screws are the workhorses of the screw world, providing reliable and robust fastening solutions for machinery. Known for their sturdiness and resistance to corrosion, these screws are essential for applications requiring long-lasting durability.

Thumb and Set Screws: Precision and Practicality

For quick manual adjustments, our brass thumb screws offer convenience without compromising on grip. The intricately designed brass set screws and brass tipped set screws are perfect for securing objects without the need for a protruding head, offering a sleek finish.

Decorative and Specialized Screws: The Aesthetics of Fastening

Suraj Brass Industries knows that details matter. Our decorative brass screws add a touch of elegance to any project, while our small brass screws cater to the needs of intricate workmanship where precision is key. Round head brass screws and brass pan head screws provide options for a finished look, while solid brass screws ensure a uniform material build, crucial for certain design specifications.

Wood and Structural Applications: Secure Fastening

For woodwork, our brass screws for wood, including brass wood screws and brass flat head screws, offer both functional and visual benefits. Their inherent ability to resist corrosion renders them perfectly suited for environments exposed to the elements or areas with high humidity. And, when it comes to load-bearing or securing heavier materials, our brass cap screws provide the necessary support.

Customization: Tailoring to Your Needs

Suraj Brass Industries recognizes the distinctive needs of every individual project. For this reason, we provide bespoke customization options, allowing you to acquire the precise brass screw required for your specific application, be it a unique size, head shape, or thread pattern.


From the smallest small brass screws to the most load-bearing brass cap screws, our lineup at Suraj Brass Industries is comprehensive and versatile. We cater to both functional and aesthetic applications with our brass screws, ensuring that whatever you’re fastening, it’s secured with quality and style. Ready for screws that truly hold everything together? Choose Suraj Brass Industries for screws that are more than just fasteners—they’re a commitment to excellence.

Unlock the potential of top-tier brass screws for your next project. Contact Suraj Brass Industries today, and let’s discuss how our customization services can meet your specific fastening needs with precision and flair. Whether it’s a standard screw or a bespoke requirement, we’re here to secure your projects with the strength and beauty of brass.

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