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Brass Precision Components

The quality isn’t concerning having procedures in the situation but for the brass precision components, it is. It’s additionally regarding having the proper tools to try and do the work, which our employees are quality aware and every brass turned parts are made like this.

Features They Brass Precision Components,

• Dimensionally Correct,
• Low Maintenance,
• Simple To Put In,
• Corrosion Resistant,
• High Tolerance Level,
• Longer Service Life,
• High Workability
• Hardness
• Engaging Look
• Flexibility: Type Of Brass Grades Will Be Created For Numerous Applications.

They are mostly used as a Gas component, Cable glands, hygienical fittings, Brass Inserts, Connectors, flat solid elements, Brass Fasteners, Hose barbs, gas fittings, Brass running stud, Adapters and spacers and many more. Other applications are like machine trade, Industrial Assembly, Electrical, natural philosophy, Plastics & Rubber Moulding, Appliances, Telecom, mechanics & mechanics, Power Transmission, Textiles, Medical, Construction & Machineries.

The all the parts are so, Natural, Nickel Plated, Chrome Plated, Tin Plated, Silver Plated, Gold Plated or any coating as per client specification. The all the parts are made as a free cutting brass and they are well finished.
The well-fitted brass precision components have a good finish and they all are made under the expert guide. At every city, all parts can be supplied and they all have good quality. With a good home and partnership with the customer, we are ready to provide excellent parts to you.

Brass Precision Turned Parts
Brass Precision Turned Parts
Brass Precision Turned Parts
Brass Precision Turned Parts
Brass Precision Turned Parts Brass Precision Turned Parts Brass Precision Turned Parts Brass Precision Turned Parts


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