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We are the experts in CNC machining and we use the most advanced technology to manufacture high quality CNC turned parts.

As a result, we offer a variety of CNC metal parts across different industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics etc.

Each piece is crafted to meet strict specifications for absolute accuracy, dependability and functionality. Let us show you what our CNC turned parts can do for your projects.

CNC Metal Parts

CNC metal pieces are made by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines which cut and shape metal into precise components with great precision. At Suraj Brass Industries we work with several types of metals including brass aluminum as well as steel that will fulfill different industrial requirements.

Brass: Brass is easy to machine and resists corrosion thus it is commonly used in making plumbing fixtures, electrical fittings and decorative items like statues and medallions. It’s especially useful in applications involving low friction.

Aluminum: Aluminum while being light has excellent strength properties making it ideal for auto mobiles and aerospace industry. It finds its best application where high strength-to-weight ratios are required.

Steel: Steel is highly durable and tough therefore it is used in heavy industries; also, it is employed during machinery construction or structural component fabrication since it can withstand high stress levels along with wear phenomenon occurring on its surfaces.

CNC Metal Products produced out of these materials as well as their corresponding CNC Metal parts are widely used by companies operating within sectors such as automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and construction. 

The inclusion of metallic components stems from their robustness against the environmental conditions that range from temperature variations to pressures experienced in these industries’ high performance oriented operations

By using state-of-the-art CNC Technology Suraj Brass Industries ensures that all CNC Turned Components & CNC Metal Parts surpasses the demands of service peculiarities which range from those applied in other particular fields while producing components whose reliability guarantees very efficient results.

Our Capabilities in CNC Turned Components

State-of-the-Art CNC Machining Technology

Suraj Brass Industries is famous for its advanced CNC machining technology which keeps it above other companies in the production of these items. The facilities have some of the latest machines that are compatible with a variety of metals.

These machines are controlled by computer software that enables very accurate modulation of cutting speeds, tool paths and raw materials handling to enhance efficiency and minimize wastage.

Our adoption of advanced technology in our manufacturing processes allows us to handle complex designs without compromising on productivity levels required to maintain quality CNC Metal Parts.

Precision Engineering

The accuracy and tolerances achievable with our CNC machines form the basis for our production process. We have state-of-the-art CNC equipment which can achieve tolerances as small as ±0.005 mm; a vital aspect for high precision applications such as aerospace and medical devices.

Such precision makes sure every component perfectly fits into your product hence improving on its overall performance and reliability.

This ability has enabled us to continue producing such parts, leading to Suraj Brass Industries’ emergence as one of the major producers of CNC Turned Parts available today.

CNC Metal Products

Range of Products

Our range of CNC metal products at Suraj Brass Industries consists of various parts that are vital for different industries. The following are some of the components that we offer:

Gears: Crucial for transmitting torque and rotational motion in motor vehicles and industrial machinery.

Shafts: Essential to transmit power in engines and rotating equipment, they must be designed to withstand high loads and speeds.

Fixtures: These are custom fixtures that can increase manufacturing efficiency by allowing exact work piece positioning or holding during machining.

Each one is produced with extreme precision and quality, such as engineered to work under harsh conditions common for their applications.

Customization Options CNC Turned Parts

We know every industry has its unique problems and needs so Suraj Brass Industries offers a wide range of customization options for our CNC Metal Parts. Whether you need different material compositions, shapes or even sizes, we have what it takes in terms of the personnel and modern computer numerical machines which can help design your desired Brass CNC parts.

During the design stage we engage closely with our clients to make certain all specifications are met from concept through to final product. This collaborative approach ensures not only suitability but also embraces innovation where we help address unique challenges faced by our clients.

Opting for our state-of-the-art capabilities, precision engineering, tailored solutions aimed at pushing your business forward make Suraj Brass Industries the ultimate destination for all your CNC Turned Parts requirements.

CNC Metal Components

Various types of machinery and equipment would not effectively function without these components enhancing their operational efficiency.

These items have a lot to do with industries such as automobile where they form part of engine systems or transmission; aerospace that involves important flight control systems; manufacturing equipment whose precision components result in increased productivity with better safety levels.

In complex assemblies requiring very specific measurements to perform optimally, CNC Metal Components become paramount due to their versatility as well as accuracy needs,

Benefits of Choosing Our CNC Components

When you choose our CNC components from Suraj Brass Industries, you are going for durable, reliable and top quality. They are built to last long and keep on performing as they should.

Reliable parts reduce downtime and maintenance costs thus leading to increased productivity in projects executed by our clients. Additionally, this commitment to quality culminates into better project outcomes altogether thereby creating trust and satisfaction within the consumer world.

CNC Turned Products

Prototyping through Production

For CNC turned products at Suraj Brass Industries, we have a comprehensive process that spans from initial design and prototyping stages through full-scale production demonstrating the scalability as well as flexibility aspect of our operations.

We work hand-in-hand with clients during prototyping phase so that the final product meets all functional requirements.

After approval of prototypes, we leverage our modern CNC machinery which can be used for large scale production while still maintaining high precision levels.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Quality control is vital in any manufacturing process hence we have it followed strictly during all stages of production such that all our CNC Turned Components meet if not exceed set industry standards.

Our company complies with all the necessary regulations which ensure safe, ethical and environmentally friendly production processes.

Are you in search of high-quality, accurate CNC Metal Parts? Get to Suraj Brass Industries today and talk about the way we can assist you with your CNC machining requirements. Go to our site to contact us or get to Mr. Amit Bhanderi who is our Sales Head at +91-9924555675 for quotations or consultations.

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