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Get a hassle-free solution for your marine parts replacement. We are India’s leading brass marine parts manufacturer, offering a comprehensive range of products.

Marine machinery and components require reliable metal parts with strength and durability. Small leakage or dripping can give birth to a life-threatening event. The brass metal product prevents such problems and provides you highest safety for your equipment and machinery.

Suraj Brass Industries specializes in producing marine brass parts running different sizes and shapes. We produce all types of parts made of first-grade brass metal. Such as:

  • Brass Outlet Cap
  • Brass Ring
  • Brass Cable Gland

Brass is highly used in industrial production because of its natural quality and sturdiness. Brass metals do not corrode, offering natural strength in various weather conditions. The strength of the brass metal sustains it longer. Premature breakdown is rare in brass products.

Advantages of using Brass Marine Parts

1) Easy to machine

Brass marine parts are easy to make in the factory. Only four major components are necessary to create a good quality brass alloy, including 62% copper, 35% zinc, 2 to 3% lead, and trace amounts of iron. Combining these unique elements brings the features of all the metal to produce high-quality brass metal.

Besides, the brass allowed in the machine parts is made in 353 and 360 brass. The 360 brass consists of slightly more lead. Therefore, the 360 brass is easy to machine in the factory. 

Because of these qualities, brass parts can be made quickly, and replacement is very cheap. Less operating expenses significantly increase your operating revenue and reduce the machines’ maintenance costs. Moreover, the complex parts can be designed with brass with no effort. Your production factory runs at high efficiency.

2) Resistant to corrosion

One of the essential elements of brass metal is the corrosion resistance. Most metal lose their strength due to the rust developing inside the metal. When the iron comes into contact with the water, the rushing occurs. Slow degradation of the metal will put your machines at high risk. 

Brass metal is fine. Deterioration is prevented with brass-made parts; thus, it is highly popular in industries with high-pressure elements such as gas, chemicals, etc.  

Brass contains some iron, but more quantity is needed to impact its strength. In suitable condition, the brass metal can sustain for over 100 years without needing replacement.

Brass could sustain in poor water conditions. It will not develop any corrosion or cracking, perfect for plumbing and fixtures in various industries. 

Many factories rely entirely on brass parts and components to operate smoothly. The metal has a low friction coefficient; thus, it holds its strength and does not experience wearing or tearing problems.

3) Highly conductive

Brass also has unique properties, making it part of the high-conductivity metals such as copper and silver. These metals are often used in electric applications. 

The brass is a suitable replacement for these metals, making it a more reliable and cheaper option to reduce the cost of the machines. Brass is less conductive than copper but performs well in transferring electricity and heat. Besides that, brass is a more durable and sturdy material. 

If you have applications that face more resistance or friction, brass would be the perfect metal in the equipment. In some factories, the metal’s conductivity rate could help increase efficiency. 

Brass would be the perfect metal for these industries such as marine. Brass Marine Parts will deliver the highest performance at the minimum expenses on maintenance. Suraj Brass Industries offers various products, including brass outlet caps, rings, and cable glands.

4) Handle high temperature

Brass metal products can be used in high-temperature applications. Equipment or brass metal parts retain functionality at very high temperatures. Brass creates a watertight seal around the joints.

Due to their natural quality, brass-made parts can handle higher temperatures suitable for manufacturing.

5) Anti-Bacterial Property

Unlike copper, the brass also consists of antibacterial properties. Naturally, the metal stays clean and prevents bacteria from clogging the system. Therefore, brass metal parts are highly useful in factories where the water content is preserved. The home water filtration system and sanitation system are made of brass metal.

Brass Marine Parts production in Suraj Brass Industries

Every product manufacturer in the factory goes through a series of steps where the production of the parts begins with selecting high-quality brass. The malleable material is given shape using the machines. 

The specification of the product shared by the customer is used to produce the specific component. The entire product made in our factory is artistically produced. Engineers from different skill backgrounds work together in the factory to achieve the highest product quality. The tailor-made solution is offered to the customer so they get the desired product for their application and improve the performance of the factory.

Contact us if you are looking for a Brass Marine Parts manufacturer. We will assist you in getting the right product for your application.

We Manufacture All The Products As Per Customer Requirments and As per Drawings.
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Product list of brass marine parts :

Brass outlet Cap

Brass outlet cap

Suraj Brass Industries is known for producing high-quality brass outlet caps [...]

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