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Brass outlet cap

Suraj Brass Industries is known for producing high-quality brass outlet caps. Standard fitting is possible with the specifically designed outlet cap for the application. Professionals in the field develop the products with precision engineering allowing you to build top-quality products for your industry.

Maintain high-quality standards in the production facility with the right metal parts. Brass is the perfect alternative to the other metals because the natural properties of the brass offer sturdiness and require strength to the application. 

The factories use the Brass outlet cap to cover the electric outlet from human interaction. These outlets are securely placed behind the lid made of the purest form of brass metal. Safety is the biggest concern in the factories, and electrical switches are used in the offices. Placing a Brass Outlet Cap on the switches gives you extra protection to your system. 

Furthermore, the Brass Outlet Cap is made of different sizes and shapes to ensure it fits the existing application. Mass production is possible in the factories. Suraj Brass Industries will provide you with a guarantee of on-time delivery of the products. Share the specification of the Brass Outlet Cap with our engineering team, and the production will begin as soon as you approve the invoice.

We are experts in brass metal products. Also, our team consists of years of experience in the industry. They know how to meet the requirements and make products that last longer and support your application.

Every product goes through strict quality checks before supply to the customer. During the quality check, the specification of the product, customer special requirements, metal quality, finishing, and polish are checked to confirm the product suits the customer’s demand. Any faulty products are sent back to the manufacturing team. The team ensures that the product you are getting is of high quality and meets your requirements.

Get in touch with us to talk to the engineers. Our team will check the requirement and provide you with the quote with the tentative delivery time. Once you approve the quote, production will begin.

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