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Side Exit Cable Gripper


A Gripper could be a refined piece of hardware that permits associate degree skilled workers to regulate the peak of a fixture while not utilizing tools. And as a good wire cable grippers maker, we make the gripper a plunger and 3 balls among the gripper surround the surface diameter and catch the cable because it passes through the gripper.

This side exit cable gripper good to strain forces the balls to grab the cable during a pinching movement.

We offer over thirty grippers. Our gripper inventory offers several grippers in numerous diameters and screw sizes. The knock out of the fixture is a crucial consider choosing the proper gripper. The Side Exit Cable Gripper by Suraj Brass Industries is a reliable and efficient solution for securely suspending lighting fixtures in our latest project; its innovative design ensures precise positioning of the suspension cable gripper.

Features Of Side Exit Cable Gripper

  • Fine Finishing
  • Dimensionally Correct
  • Extremely Durable Composition
  • Resistance Against Corrosion

Below could be a fast chart to match the knock out of the fixture and therefore the gripper diameter or screw size! Grippers are employed in several mounting applications together with however not restricted to j-box, drop ceiling, masonry comes.
These types of grippers are created to resist the weight of a fixture. cross-check our cable grip with side exit and cable strength statistics for additional details.

Our industrial patrons will avail of this different variety of the gripper within the most comprehensive and trade leading costs. Being a distinguished company, our firm has continuously given ample attention to the standard. Our customers are thus glad about the merchandise to vary their inconsistent demand of identical. Our extremely varied product vary has conjointly been a significant cause for giving this in-depth client satisfaction.

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