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At Suraj Brass Industries, we are proud to present the MICC Cable Gland Kit – a necessary measure of fastening and sealing cable entries in fireproof environments with high durability. Being an international leader in brass production certified under ISO 9001:2015, we ensure our goods are of the highest quality and dependability.

About the MICC Cable Gland Kit

The MICC Cable Gland Kit from Suraj Brass Industries is specifically made for use with mineral insulated (MI) cables which have great resistance to fire as well as excellent mechanical strength.

Our Brass Cable Glands kit contains every component required for ensuring a secure tight seal that doesn’t compromise on the integrity or fire-resistance properties of your cable system:

  • MICC Plastic Top
  • MICC Seal
  • MICC Brass Nipple

Each part is precision engineered to give maximum performance at high temperatures and areas prone to fires.

Product Features


MICC Cable Gland: Our MICC cable glands have been specially made to fit well with MI cables that are strong enough to provide tight connection points during installation but also last long even under extreme conditions so that structural integrity and operational reliability can be upheld throughout different situations.

Fire Resistant Cable Glands -These types of cable glands are included in this kit because they offer additional protection against fire hazards making them suitable for use at areas exposed to high temperatures or those with many combustible materials which might catch fire easily if not guarded properly against any possible ignition sources.

Cable Gland Kit: This complete package contains everything needed for full installation thus ensuring all safety standards are met during various stages of cable connectivity.

Cable Gland Accessories: In order to support MICC cable glands during installation process; there are several accessories like plastic tops and seals included within this product range. They serve as reinforcement points apart from environmental factors safeguarding against corrosion while providing additional protection especially where cables enter into different enclosures subjected either externally or internally .

MICC Plastic Top: It greatly contributes towards shielding ends of cables from any external damages thereby enhancing longevity besides other benefits associated with system durability improvements.

MICC Seal: Designed specifically for sealing purposes; this particular component ensures moisture tightness around the gland hence preventing entry into system that could interfere its performance negatively leading even unsafe conditions within premises or installations where such devices have been utilized extensively over time without proper sealing mechanisms having been put place before then

Brass Cable Gland: We also provide durable brass material-made brass cable glands suitable for applications that require resilience against harsh environments and long life spans.

Benefits of Using Our MICC Cable Gland Kit

  • Durability and Safety: The materials used in making these components ensure that they are long-lasting and provide increased protection against hazards.
  • Ease of Installation: Every item included in this set has been designed with simplicity in mind thereby reducing time spent setting up equipment while also minimizing chances for errors occurring during installation processes.
  • Versatility: This product is applicable across various sectors ranging from construction industry down to heavy duty manufacturing plants where there’s need for maintaining cable integrity.


Our MICC Cable Gland Kit is widely used in:

  • Construction: ensures electrical safety within buildings infrastructure.
  • Industrial Manufacturing: provides reliable electrical connections able to withstand harsh manufacturing processes.
  • Utilities: secures power supply systems within utility facilities having high fire safety requirements.

Why Choose Suraj Brass Industries?

  • Expertise: We’ve been operating in the brass manufacturing sector for many years thus have vast knowledge and experience on all matters related to this industry.
  • Quality Assurance: Our products are manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 certification which ensures that they meet strict quality standards set by international bodies concerned with standardization activities worldwide.
  • Customer Support: If you need any assistance or information regarding our range of MICC glands do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is always ready and available to offer necessary help where required.

Placing Orders

Suraj Brass Industries has created a system for ordering the MICC Cable Gland Kit to be direct and trouble-free.

Check Out Our Selections Online: Please go to our website and take a look at all the high-quality items we have in stock; there’s sure to be something there that suits your needs perfectly!

Order or Inquire Directly: If you feel like getting one-on-one attention would help, or if you need some information about any of our products, please contact Mr. Amit Bhanderi (Sales Head) on his mobile number +91-9924555675 or send him an email using as the address.

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