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Welcome to Suraj Brass Industries, a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality brass components certified under ISO 9001:2015

We specialize in precision-engineered products and are proud to present our wide range of brass cable glands designed for superior performance in various industrial applications. 

Our pursuit for perfection has made us one among the world’s most relied upon cable management solutions providers.

Understanding Brass Cable Glands

Brass cable glands are important parts used in electrical and other installations to provide a secure means of passing cables into enclosures. They ensure that the connection remains sealed and protected from dust, moisture or any other foreign particle which may cause damage due to environmental exposure as well as mechanical strains such as bending forces.

Types & Components of Cable Glands:

Brass Double Compression Cable Gland: These types are mainly used where there is an explosion risk caused by gas or other flammable substances. They have two seals which make them more safe and long-lasting.

Standard Cable Glands: Used widely across simpler applications they offer good levels of sealing along with strain relief capability across many cable sizes.

Parts of Cable Glands: A typical gland comprises a body, seal, securing nut and washer; each component having its own unique role towards ensuring effectiveness in performance.

Common Cable Gland Uses:

Securing cable entries:

Prevents cables from accidentally getting disconnected from devices or machines they are attached to thereby ensuring that everything remains connected always unless intentionally separated by an operator who knows what he/she is doing; this can be particularly useful when it comes to power cords plugged into sockets behind desks where people frequently move items around without unplugging everything first!

Providing strain relief:

It protects wires entering equipment through flexible conduit connections against excessive bending near their points-of-entry into said equipments, thus relieving them off stress caused by such bends due moving these units from one place another.

Enhancing safety:

This is done through creating tight seals around cables where they pass through walls/floors so as to keep off dusts/moisture from entering into electrical boxes and other equipment housings whose internal parts may be damaged by exposure thereto.

Benefits of Brass Cable Glands from Suraj Brass Industries

Our brass cable glands are unique because of their strong design and construction:


Our outdoor cable glands are built to last long since they are made using solid brass material which does not rust easily even when exposed continuously under different weather conditions for extended periods; hence making them suitable for both indoor & outdoor use.


There is a wide variety of sizes and shapes available in our range of products; therefore it becomes possible to find something that can accommodate any type or size cable thereby enabling one purchase fitting more than just what he/she needs at present time but also those required later on if need arises thus saving money as well as effort spent searching elsewhere!

Safety Compliance:

These items are produced according ISO standards meaning all necessary tests have been conducted during manufacturing process before being released onto market thus assuring customers top-notch performance reliability while using such devices.

Selecting the Right Brass Cable Gland

Picking out the correct brass cable gland is very important for your installation’s safety and efficiency;

Application Requirements:

Where will this gland be used? Some environments may require higher rated safeties than others e.g., hazardous areas need better protection against explosions caused by gases etcetera.

Cable Type & Size:

Ensure you choose a fitting that matches with these specifications so as not compromise integrity nor offer less protection than needed due wrong selection made here;

Certifications Needed:

Different industries might demand various certifications be met depending on international safety standards recognized worldwide thus must check them out before making final decision regarding which brand or model best suits particular situation confronted with currently!

Why Choose Suraj Brass Industries?

Here at Suraj Brass Industries, we pride ourselves on being innovative and customer-centric:

Expertise & Experience:

With years spent working within this industry sector behind us, it means everything coming from our stable carries with it quality assurance born out of deep knowledge base acquired over time;

Custom Solutions:

We take into account unique needs presented by clients so that they can have cable glands designed specifically for them thereby ensuring compatibility as well overall system performance improvement at large;

Comprehensive Support:

Our skilled team will guide you through whole process starting from selection up until installation thus enabling maximum utilization potential offered by these devices within your set-up.

Placing Orders

Ordering from Suraj Brass Industries is straightforward and hassle-free.

Feel free to browse our products on our website or reach out directly to Mr. Amit Bhanderi, our Sales Head, at +91-9924555675 or via email at

Alternatively, you are welcome to visit us in person at:

Shed No. 4407-J-Road, Phase-3 G.I.D.C, Dared, Jamnagar, Gujarat 361004, India.

Suraj Brass Industries’ brass cable glands need to be installed in your cable management system. You may check out our wide range of products on our website or contact our experienced sales team for advice. 

We will assist you to find the best cable gland that suits your requirements hence making sure safety, efficiency and reliability in all projects undertaken by you.

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