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Brass threaded tubes are used in various applications where water supply is done through interlocking pipes. The water distribution through the channel becomes easy when you have brass threaded tubes. Join the two pipes together with the threaded tubes without affecting the flow of the water.

Brass metal can sustain in high pressure and high-temperature condition, thus allowing you to use them in any application where the force of the water is too extensive. The pipes are joined with the Brass Threaded Tube in the cold and hot sanitary water system.

Additionally, the Brass Threaded Tube could be helpful in the heating and cooling system, where the two systems require to join each other. It creates a leak proof layer around the join. The threaded area on the pipe work, as the barrier between the joint, prevents water or gas leakage from the system.

 Brass Threaded Tube Benefits

  • Connecting the two pipe systems to create leak-free joints. The threaded design on the brass pipe works as a barrier and holds the pipe together.
  • Perfect sealant to protect the system during the operation and avoid leakage.
  • Brass metal provides long-lasting protection. The corrosion-free application will ensure the hygiene and safety of the product.¬†
  • Brass is easy to mold and build, so you can experiment with the product to improve the system’s efficiency.

Suraj Brass Industries will provide you assistance in building the right product for your application. Consult with our experienced engineering team to identify the problem and available solution. Products are designed based on your specification, so there will be no errors in the system. Contact us to find the best solution for your application and thrive in the industry.

Product Details:

Road Size: 5mm to 25mm

Length: 5mm to 100mm

Thread: as per customer request


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