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Solid brass swivel is available in different sizes and shapes to support your application. Polished to increase the product’s aesthetic value while ensuring performance stability by choosing a high-quality product. Usage of the Brass swivel is wider; thus, you can have it in different applications to create efficient performance. 

Brass metal products are highly recommended when the application has to deal with humidity, water splash, and heat. Brass is the only metal to hold its quality in various temperatures and weather conditions. 

Brass does not oxidize like iron metal; therefore, the metal holds its strength longer and prevents damage to the application. The risk of losing control over the application due to the broken brass metal piece is relatively low. Over time, iron components may corrode, which could impair the performance of the application in which they are utilized. This issue doesn’t arise with brass metal.

Due to the unique quality of the metal and its ability to fit in any application, brass products are highly industrialized.

Suraj Brass Industries will provide you Brass Swivel made from a high-quality production process that delivers the product in time whenever needed. We are experts in manufacturing brass metal products. Brass Swivel is one product we can produce and deliver to your factories to meet your production needs. 

We have a range of products made of brass metal that you can choose from. Also, application-based manufacturing is done at our factory. Share your specification, and we will work to get the best products for you.

The team of engineers and the artist’s craftsmanship will assure you that every product is designed according to international standards. Before reaching customers, the product undergoes rigorous quality inspections.

Send your inquiry today to learn more about the various products and their usage.

We have several ranges of a brass swivel (Male/Female)

Details are as below:

Material: Brass

Size: M10 (Also, Available as per customer request)


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