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A brass hickey is the type of coupling used to create a strong connection between the two pipes. It prevents the holes in the pipes from being exposed to the environment. Also, the side of the holes is hidden while allowing the wire exits safely from the open-end design. 

Brass hickeys are used in various applications, such as ceiling boxes, chandeliers, lamps, etc. Suraj Brass Industries offers varieties of designs in Brass hickey products. Get a tailor-made solution to your application and improve your product quality. The product is available in various pipe thread configurations. We can cast the brass according to your product specification and requirements. 

Our precision engineering will ensure the product is developed according to the customer’s requirements. Every part goes through a quality check before delivering to the customers. Parts will fit accurately without any fault, and the quality of the brass metal provides a long-term sustainable solution.

Brass metal is known for its study quality, corrosion-free ability, and, most importantly, the prevention of micro-bacterial properties. Brass metals have been used in various industrial applications for several centuries. Metal is available in abundance, thus making it a cheaper option. Also, the unique properties of the brass metal separate it from the other metals, such as iron and aluminum. 

Brass is made by combining copper and zinc. Brass has properties of both metals. Using a brass hickey in the application lets you join the two pipes or the functions tightly without exposing the joining end. 

Contact us to know more about the brass Hickey and its production process. Our team will help you to design and develop a brass hickey for your application based on the specification you share.

Product Details:

Length : 20mm

Road Size: 14mm

Hole: 9mm

Center Slote: 10mm

Finish: Nitric



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