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Suraj Brass Industries are the manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of brass-made products, and brass balls are one of them. 

Various applications require brass balls to support the processing units. The quality of the brass balls determines the output. Therefore, the brass-made balls should be accurate, precisely designed to fit the application, and, most importantly, built using pure metal. 

Brass balls are used in the petrochemical industries in some functional parts, electrical devices, household consumer products, and various industrial applications. 

Small brass balls are used in the valves to create the moving parts. In electrical applications, brass is an alternative metal for electric conductivity. 

Brass metals have low friction properties, making them useful for applications where the friction between the two metals affects their performance. Replacing ordinary metal balls with brass balls will improve the machine. As well as, the product will sustain longer and support the operation.

Qualities of the Brass Balls

Corrosion resistance

Brass is known for their ability to protect the device from corrosion. Changing weather conditions and humidity around the application could affect the metal parts. Brass has natural properties that do not allow it to rust. Brass exhibits excellent resistance quality against water, gas, and oil. Even brass metal can withstand harsh chemicals such as methyl, acetone, ethyl chloride, and benzene. 

Because of these unique properties, brass is highly used in applications where the metal’s sturdiness is vital to keep the application operational in harsh conditions. Brass products are used in the gasoline rollover valves, fire equipment hoses have brass couplings, and devices with electrical contacts are made of brass products.


Brass metal is known for its sturdy quality. Metal is used in various applications where the strength of the metal is vital for the application to function efficiently. The hardness of the brass metal gives you more control over the application. Safety is enhanced with the use of brass metal products.


Brass balls are made in different sizes and shapes. Manufacturers make the brass balls in 1/16″ to 1″ in grades 100 through 1000. You can choose your diameters and build the brass balls of your requirements.

Suraj Brass Industries will offer a sustainable solution to back your application with high-quality bass balls. Allow us to upgrade your application and experience the highest quality of service.

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