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Suraj Brass Industries is the leading manufacturer and supplier of brass hex nipple. Varieties of the products are developed, including hex nipple, round nipple, slotted nipple, etc. 

brass hex nipple come with the higher torque consisting of the high pressure resisting quality. It can withstand high pressure and holds the device in place. Hexagonal nipples and rounded nipples are produced according to the customer’s requirements. 

brass hex nipple give the necessary strength to your application. The size and shape of the hex nipple can be modified according to the requirements. Provide the product specification, and our engineers will make the product according to your need. 

The organization looking for a reliable partner to manufacture brass hex nipple could reach us to manufacture products in large quantities. We are equipped with the latest technology that delivers the highest product quality. The engineering teams will also offer you the best solution to your problem. Products are built based on the requirements the customers share for the application. Each piece of product is made using customer requirements and delivered on time.

The brass hex nipple will fit perfectly to the application without any trouble. Precision Engineering ensures you are getting what you have ordered from us. Our quality check teams inspect each product before packing it for delivery. 

Nipples used to connect the water supply pipes or the pressurized valves would require the right tools. High-quality brass hex nipple will perform well as expected and make your operation error-free.

Contact us today to learn more about the product and manufacturing process. We will assist you in every corner of the business and give you innovative solutions to succeed in the growing competition.

Product details:

Length: standard 10mm to 27mm (Also, available as per the customer request)

Road size: Standard 12mm Hex and Round (Also, available as per the customer request)

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