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Brass Hardware Parts

The hardware is the backbone of any machine, ensuring core functionality runs smoothly and yields desired outcomes. Suraj Brass Industries specializes in offering high-quality brass hardware products, from brass door knobs to brass cabinet hardware, we’ve got it all.

When you think of classic elegance, our antique brass door handles and antique brass door knobs stand out. For those redesigning their kitchen, our brass kitchen hardware is second to none. Imagine the ease of use and sophistication brought by our brass drawer handles or the beauty of our brass shelf brackets.

What makes brass so special? Its durability and strength make it a favorite for many. Brass knobs, whether in your kitchen or on your furniture, not only offer functionality but also add aesthetic appeal. Unlacquered brass hardware gives a rustic and timeless appeal that can last for decades.

Brass has been in use for several decades. It’s a metal that ancient civilizations incorporated into their culture. Brass door handles have an aesthetic appeal, and when combined with the functionality of brass switch plates, the elegance and utility become unparalleled.

Suraj Brass Industries is your one-stop-shop for everything brass. From brass door knockers to brass cabinet knobs, we have a range that suits every need. Need a stylish way to hang your coat? Check out our brass coat hooks. And let’s not forget the foundation of our collection: the brass hinges that seamlessly fit into any door or cabinet.

For those who love the little details, our brass hooks and brass handles provide a touch of sophistication. We even offer brushed brass hardware for those who prefer a matte finish.

Need a safe and secure grip on your cabinets? Our brass cabinet handles and brass kitchen handles provide functionality without compromising on style.

Why choose Suraj Brass Industries?

We have been in the brass business for years, crafting beautiful and functional brass pieces. Each product is meticulously inspected for quality, guaranteeing you receive nothing but excellence.

From the design phase where our engineers meticulously carve out the products, to the finishing touches, ensuring they fit perfectly into your space.

Why Brass Hardware Stands Out

Brass isn’t merely about its golden allure, it boasts a suite of attributes that sets it apart:

Resilient to Water: Ideal for environments with moisture, reducing wear and tear.

Bacteria-Resistant Nature: Making it a hygienic choice for many applications.

Freedom from Rust: Enhancing its lifespan and aesthetic retention.

Sturdy as Iron and Steel: Ensures robustness and lasting utility.

Flexibility in Form: Facilitating unique designs and tailor-made shapes.

Stability at Elevated Temperatures: Suitable for varying thermal conditions.

Extended Durability: A testament to its longevity and resilience.

Organic Elegance: Bringing a natural charm to any setting.

Minimal Upkeep: Reducing the hassle of frequent maintenance.

With such standout attributes, it’s clear why Suraj Brass Industries champions brass in its product line.

Our 15 years of expertise is evident in the quality of our products. We not only offer standard brass items but also tailor-make solutions as per your requirements. If it’s quality brass products you seek, look no further. Contact us today to explore our wide range and find out how we can cater to your specific needs.

Brass Hardware Parts
Brass Hardware Parts
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